To Prospective Clients of Corner By Corner Landscaping:

When we bought our current home in 1997 it was one of the first houses in a new development in a beautiful rural part of Warren County, New Jersey. When we moved in the fall of that year we were pleased with the layout of the home and impressed that we had over two acres of land for it to sit on. Unfortunately though, as spring came around, we soon became unhappy with the landscaping that was included with the home "package." Low quality plants, unprepared beds and lawn seed virtually thrown on the lot created a very shoddy look to our yard.

We knew we needed some serious help and began to interview a number of established landscape companies. At that point, we found a flyer from Corner By Corner, which we would soon learn was the new landscaping company Chip Price was just starting on a part-time basis. At our very first meeting we knew Chip was bringing something extra to the table.

Unlike the other companies we met with, that told us how it had to be done and that it could only be done their way, Chip took a very different approach. He asked us what type of landscaping would reflect and enhance the realities of our lifestyle -- the amount of maintenance we wanted to provide, how it should look during the different seasons, how functional or ornamental it should be. Armed with that information we were presented with a number of approaches and costs, easily finding a style and budget we would be happy with.

For the next ten years Chip, and Corner By Corner Landscaping has been with us, improving, modifying and enhancing our yard and gardens. He's helped our landscape maintain a freshness, while at the same time letting it mature naturally.

This year we took advantage of some new winter services offered by Chip -- home remodeling. Knowing how detail-oriented and meticulous his landscaping has been and that he has done this for many years, when we were looking for someone to do interior work we naturally turned to Chip. I can only say the project has gone excellently. Everything is done on schedule, within budget and with a level of quality constantly exceeding my expectations.

If you are looking for someone to transform your yard or just help maintain an existing landscape, I can't think of a better person that Chip Price and Corner By Corner Landscaping.

Martin Baeck
Washington, New Jersey

"We at Wicki Stone would like to take this opportunity to talk about Corner by Corner Landscapes. Corner by Corner Landscapes has been a valuable customer for about 10 years. Over the years we have found that doing business with Corner by Corner Landscapes has been effortless. Whether it's small or larger projects the sale, delivery, and payment has been superb.

Corner by Corner Landscapes has sent us photos of our product installed which we found nice and helpful. Charles Price from Corner by Corner Landscapes is an advantage for our business and should be considered for any contractor program."

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